Protect Your Data. Protect Yourself. is an industry-led initiative designed to help ensure that Canadian wireless users have the information they need to keep their personal information safe and secure, and to promote the safe use of wireless devices. Canadians are among the world’s fastest adopters of smartphones and tablets, with two-thirds of Canada’s 27 million wireless phone customers currently using a smartphone. The ability to connect anytime and anywhere is one of the reasons that Canadians love their smartphones. We want to connect to our friends and family, and enjoy the convenience of conducting personal and professional business in the palms of our hands. More and more, Canadians are using their smartphones to store personal information, including financial information and work-related data. The loss or theft of a mobile device that is not properly protected can have wide-ranging personal and professional impacts. Our goal is to raise awareness for Canadians about the critical importance of keeping personal information safe, and the appropriate measures to take to do so. Keeping sensitive data in the hands of the rightful owner is essential.

Protect your Data. Protect Yourself. also features a dedicated section to provide consumers with information about how to keep themselves safe from mobile device theft. Please visit the “Protect Yourself” section for tools and tips to keep yourself safe.